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Voter’s Guide to TransferPoint’s Voting Place

Question 1: How would you rate my site?

Simple, self-explanitory question. Excellent to poor. Comments are always appreciated, using the E-Mail Me link on the menu page on the left-hand side of the screen.

Question 2: Favorite kind of NYC Subway car.

Current car classes are listed, pick your favorite. An "Other" button is also provided.

Question 3: Black, or no black?

Which do you think looks better, buses with the black band around the windows, or buses that have that area painted white. Examples:
No Black
You can tell my preference by the images I've chosen for each.

Question 4: Transit Pictures 11 Header Image

Which would you prefer for the Header Image for the Transit Pictures 11 page.
The Existing Image
A New Image
based on this one

Proceed to the Voting Place!