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What’s New

2006 May 12— After being bugged one too many times about downloads, I removed all of the download links. I finally added the link to my galleries at TransitSpot.

2005 Jan. 10— Added some more pictures to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff, and edited some Bullet Info.

2004 Sep. 21— Added some more pictures to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff, and (finally!) a link to another absurd site.

2004 Aug. 27— Added some more pictures to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff

2004 July 16— Added some more pictures to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff

2004 July 6— Added some more pictures to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff

2004 June 16— Added some more pictures to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff

2004 May 15— Added the R131 (R110B) rollsign to the Rollsign Gallery, and corrected links in the Transit Pictures.

2004 May 2— Made a correction to the BVE Route Database.

2004 Apr. 20— Updated the BVE Route Database, and added the Q60 to the Bus Stop List page.

2004 Mar. 29— Corrected the pages for the Redbird side signs. Added a new feature: Bus Stop Lists. There's only one right now, the Q74. More will come soon.

2004 Mar. 26— Changed the layout of the Redbird Rollsign pages.

2004 Mar. 03— Added 2 new bullets, and changed the layout of the R16-38 Rollsign page.

2004 Feb. 13— Added a new rollsign to the Rollsign Gallery, the new R32/R38 South Terminal rollsign, and edited some of the R32 rollsign pages.

2004 Feb. 11— Added 2 more items to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff, and fixed a broken link.

2004 Feb. 09— Another update to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff, and a new link on the Links page.

2004 Jan. 22— Added a few more items to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff.

2004 Jan. 12— Added many items to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff, and added a link to TransitGallery, where my pictures have been uploaded.

2003 Nov. 06— A new project for BVE, it's a numbering standard for New York City Subway stations.

2003 Oct. 28— I snuck in a few pictures into the Gallery of Absurd Stuff this past week. Also, TransferPoint is moving its Transit Pictures off the server. They will be reached at Transit Pictures 50 is the first new set to be exclusively on the Transit Gallery server. Go check it out!

2003 Oct. 27— No updates, just a happy anniversary wish for the IRT subway: 99 Years!

2003 Oct. 21— Transfer Pictures 49, with 52 pictures, is now up.

2003 Oct. 14— The xfer_pt folder has been removed. The Transfer Point Home link in the menu now points to welcome.html. TransferPoint BVE is adoptind the BVE Developer Guidelines. They can be found at In that spirit, a few changes have been made to the BVE page. I am currently working on a new object pack which will contain all the necessary information. My work is playing an integral part of another BVE developer. Check out the Nearbug Valley Transportaton Authority

2003 Oct. 08— We have a new inductee to the Redbird Hall of Fame. R36WF #9448. To find out why, and to see a picture of our latest inductee, check out the RHoF. page. Transit Pictures 48 is now up, with 77 pictures! Also, six new pictures have been added to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff.

2003 Sep. 30— The Redbird Hall of Fame has been added to the side menu, the Gallery of Absurd Stuff has new a navigation format within its pages, The R62 Rollsigns now have a text version, and some other minor changes within the site.

2003 Sep. 25— New pages in the Gallery of Absurd Stuff, Transit Pictures (47), and in the Transit Museum, the Redbird Hall of Fame.

2003 Sep. 17— A rollsign from the 1980's has been added to the Rollsign Gallery: The Jamaica Yard R46 Side Rollsign. The page also features a remote-controlled sign control feature not found on any of the other rollsigns! Go and check it out!

2003 Sep. 11— A new route has been added to the BVE Route Database: The 1904 IRT Subway Route

2003 Sep. 08— A new item has been added to Subway Page 5 of the Gallery of Absurd Stuff, and a partial list of the original R44-46 LCD sign readings has been added to the Rollsign Gallery.

2003 Sep. 03— Transit Pictures 46, two new images added to the Gallery of Absurd Stuff, some minor typo corrections, updates to the URL's for the Bravenet services for this site, a new Tablet Map on the Tablet Project page, and the removal of the Javascript ticker on the Welcome page and the BVE home page, and also the departure board and track lists on the Welcome page. Also, the "God Bless America" LED sign on the Welcome page has been updated.

2003 Aug. 27— New information about the R62 End Route Rollsign has been added.

2003 Aug. 26— Dates have been added to each Transit Pictures page. Also, a Voter's Guide has been added as an entry to the Voting Place. Also in Transit Pictures, all ##head.jpg images have been renamed head.jpg. An insignificant change, but that will make page editing slightly easier for me.

2003 Aug. 22— Updated links to Subtalk threads to reflect current archive thread URL format.

2003 Aug. 21— New Rollsigns! North and South Terminal Single-Line variations, the "Local" route variation, and the original, both with nothing higher than 7 (originally, with 9 added later). I also made the menu sizeable for those browsers running 800×600 trying to get to the Rollsign pages.

2003 Aug. 18— That menu on the left-hand side of your screen is brand-new. Also, I've re-arranged the bullets in the Subway Bullets-1979 colors page, clarifying bullets that appear on rollsigns, maps, both, and neither. This is due to some confusion that appeared on SubTalk concerning the bullets. These updates, obviously, were delayed because of the blackout. On Aug. 15, the Home Base (where my off-line version of TransferPoint is stored), and the rest of this section of western Queens finally got power at about 5:15 AM, Greg T was playing "Where Is the Love?" by Black-eyed Peas on Z100. I was bummed out, however, that the subways were not rolling. I couldn't get updates out to the Internet because of the fragile situation with the power. Turning my computer on might have been the figurative "straw that broke the camel's back," so I didn't want to risk it until more sunlight was available and people started to turn lights off. Anyway, to answer the question of "Where was I when the lights went out," I had just gotten off the westbound Q60 bus at Queens Boulevard & 48th St. I had thought that the power outage was more localized than it was. The traffic lights, obviously, were not working, so crossing Queens Boulevard was difficult, and that whole six-way intersection was beginning to look chaotic. I transferred to the southbound B24 bus and, after I got on, was trying to listen to the radio communications. The only thing I remember hearing was a voice from the radio to all the drivers saying, "Let's be careful out there." Good thing I wasn't in the subway at this time. Here's something I remember watching on TV that I thought was inspiring. On Aug. 15, I was watching CBS 2, which had a reporter in Times Square, interviewing a woman from England (Manchester?). This was during the time that the east side of Times Square had power, while the west side of Times Square did not. The camera was pointed at her, with the Howard Johnson's Restaurant at Broadway & 46th Street (on the dark side of TSq) in the background. As she was talking, the neon lights of the HoJo's started flashing. The reporter then reported the fact that the power was on again on that particular side of Times Square. A very encouraging sign.