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This page is divided into categories.

Longest Platform Beach 98 St-Playland AS
Shortest Platform Times Square Track 4 S
Longest distance between stations Broad Channel and Howard Beach, Queens
Shortest distance between stations Aqueduct-N Conduit Av and Aqueduct Racetrack, Queens A*
Wall Street and Bowling Green 45
Highest platform above surface Smith-9 Street station, Brooklyn FG
Station furthest below surface 191st Street 1
Station furthest below Sea Level Roosevelt Island Q
Largest station complex Times Square
Widest platform City Hall NR
Narrowest platform Wall Street 23, south end
Oldest Structure Gates Avenue to Crescent Street J
Worst Station Misnomer Van Wyck Blvd F. There hasn't been a Van Wyck Blvd for approx. 60 years. It was replaced by the Van Wyck Expressway.
* Aqueduct Racetrack station is not open at all times. Wall Street and Bowling Green are.

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Tallest Signal 3-headed signals found in the area of the East 180th Street station on the 2 and 5 lines
Shortest Signal 2-position dwarf signals found in various places on the IND.
Oldest Signals on use Many on the L line (except between Livonia Avenue and Bushwick/Aberdeen)
Longest Distance Between Signals Y3 track between Morris Park and Baychester Avenue**
Shortest distance between signals 2704/J - 2704A/J at 138-Grand Concourse 45
Last of its kind SERIES sign on outer (A) loop north of South Ferry
Most misleading sign/mosaic Recently covered-up mosaic reading "Jamaica and Rockaway" at the 65th Street station.
They tried building a line to the Rockaways; that died. They tried covering the signs up with paint. That didn't work. What else to do but cover them up?
Useless Signs
  • There's a  7  sign at the 71-Continental Avenue station on track D1.
    Here's a picture
  • There's another sign like this further down the track at the 65th Street station, and a third at the Nassau Avenue station on the G line.
  • Also, there used to be a  3  sign at the DeKalb Avenue station in Downtown Brooklyn on track A1.
**"End of Signal Control" signs are used in this stretch.

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Longest in Regular Service (# of Cars) 11
Longest in Regular Service (Total train length) 665.5 feet (11 cars).
Shortest in Regular Service (# of Cars) 2 on the Franklin Avenue Shuttle
Shortest in Regular Service (Total train length) 150 feet.
Fastest speed on a regular service train This one is tough to nail down. The fastest train I (the author) was on went 62 MPH in the 60th Street tunnel on a southbound N train of R68A cars. Here's a little tip: If your train goes faster than, say, 63 MPH, it could be the fastest.
Most Complicated Junction/Interlocking This could arguably belong to the Stillwell Avenue Interlocking in Coney Island. Eight tracks becoming four, then crossovers. Others would say it's north of East 180th Street in The Bronx with its numerous double-slip switches and two lines meeting north of the station, combined with yard leads and storage tracks. I would have to say it's East 180th Street.
Sharpest curve Another category with many different opinions. Some saying the turn on the 5 entering the 149th Street station, or the City Hall Loop (used by the 6), or B2 track leaving City Hall (NR). Then there's the run between Crescent Street and Cypress Hills on the J. This is the one I would agree with.
Largest Yard Coney Island Yard in Brooklyn. At 75 acres, it is North America's largest rapid transit yard, and one of the largest rail (rapid transit or other) yards in North America. It serves the N, Q, W, and S Franklin Av Shuttle lines. It also has layup yards for the F and M lines, too. Sometimes you can even see a few Redbirds (or R62A's) from the 7 line here, too.
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NameLinesFunction(s)Color Band Specimen
240th Street19Layup
(Uses car wash at 239 St or Westchester)
R62A car #2420
239th Street25Layup
Car Wash
R33 car #9016
Westchester6S (42 St)Layup
Maintenance of Way
Car Wash
R29 car #8660.  Known for having an R62-type interior.R36WF car #9519.  Westchester double-width variant.
(Uses car wash at 239 St or Concourse IND)
R33 car #9305
148th St3LayupNo info.
No illustration available.
(Uses car wash at 239 St or Westchester)
R62A car #2002*
East 180th St25Layup
(Uses car wash at 239 St)
R26 car #7773.  Known for having R22-type end doors.
Unionport25LayupNo info.
No illustration available.
Car Wash
R36WF car #9490 R36WF car #9569 R62A car #2038
Variation 1: R33WF Singles and R36WF with Westinghouse motors
Variation 2: R36WF with GE motors
Variation 3: R62A
*NOTE: Blue stripe on R142 equipment indicates a 5-car set with braking modifications. They do not call Livonia home.


207 StreetAllLayup
Car Wash
Car Wash
Car Wash
PitkinACS (Rockaway)Layup
(Uses car wash at 207 Street)
RockawayAS (Rockaway)Layup


Coney Island*AllEverything
East New YorkJLMZLayup
(Uses Car Wash at Canarsie)
Car Wash
Fresh PondMLayup
36-38 Street Maintenance of Way
* Coney Island Yard is divided into three parts: The Stillwell Yard sits between the tracks used be the N and W lines, the Culver (a.k.a. Avenune X or City) Yard, adjacent to the F line, and the main Coney Island Yard between the N line and the Culver Yard.


LindenMaintenance of Way
Iron Shop
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