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28 August 2003

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
46-01 R62A car #1718, appearing in the book, New York City Subway Cars in consist with R22 #7534 (p. 147, top right), is seen here at the Junction Boulevard station in the #7 line. 46-01 34K
46-02 An old "Willets Point Boulevard" sign is exposed to the light again. 46-02 34K
46-03 On R33WF #9311, the end route rollsign and the light bulbs associated with it have been removed. 46-03 39K
46-04 An R62A rollsign installed improperly, showing the positions of the actual rolls. 46-04 36K
46-05 Kawasaki R62 #1472 at the 148th St-Lenox Terminal station 46-05 48K
46-06 At the Borough Hall station, the old 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 stop signs, painted over, still hang. 46-06 38K
46-07 At the Rockaway Buldvard station, a Manhattan-bound A train exchanges passengers. The sign shows an exit and transfer to the...Manhattan-bound A train??? What's this platform for, then? It's not for southbound trains. 46-07 47K
46-08 A train in the East New York Yard is here, signed up for the . 46-08 100K
46-09 NYCB #8566 at the Forest Avenue station on the M line. 46-09 62K
46-10 Long Island Bus #315 strapped to a tow truck 46-10 48K
46-11 NYCB #104 on Hillside Avenue @ Merrick Blvd on the...Q74??? The sign must be broken. 46-11 44K
46-12 NYCT locomotive #73 and RD325 on the middle track while a train of R62A's arrive at the 74th Street station. 46-12 174K
46-13 R17 #6609, R12 #5760, and R15 #6239 on track 21 of Corona Yard 46-13 173K
46-14 The end of the R17, also showing the rooves of the three cars. 46-14 212K
46-15 R33WF #9314 and 9325 are at the ends of wash trains. 46-15 181K
46-16 A different view of the Museum cars. 46-16 177K
46-17 NYCB #9346 @ the Jamaica bus terminal. 46-17 46K
46-19 "This is Queensboro Plaza. Transfer is available to the #7 train across the platform." Wait a minute, they're both #7 trains! The one led by a Redbird is a wash train. 46-19 128K
46-20 R33WF #9320 leads the train over the crossover. R62A cars 1665 and 1664 are also visible. The next 3 cars, natually, would be 1663, 1662, and 1661. 46-20 146K
46-21 R62A #2022 is at the tail end of this train. Believe it or not, this is a twelve-car train! #9320 is peeking out to the right of the last 3 cars. 46-21 137K
46-22 R36WF #9719 with a "tennis ball bullet" on the side. 46-22 35K
46-23 Long Island Railroad switchers #102 and 104 at the Woodside station 46-23 47K
46-24 R36WF #9582 at the Willets Point Blvd station. 46-24 48K
46-25 The window of #9577 has a blue border around it. Also notice the rubber rollsign window linings. 46-25 123K
46-26 R36WF #9576 and 9577: the two cars that have the blue around the windows. 46-26 48K
46-27 A train of R62A's leaving the Willets Point Blvd station. The platform in the distance is long enough for 15 cars. 46-27 42K