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09 July 2003

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
43-01 Command Bus #4919 @ Church Avenue & Ocean Parkway 43-01 32K
43-02 NYCB Orion 7 #7582 @ Church Avenue & Coney Island Avenue 43-02 35K
43-03 NYCB #7582, rear view 43-03 34K
43-04 Looking from the sidewalk near Queens Blvd & 44th Street, a train of R62A cars on the 7 line enters the 46th Street station 43-04 28K
43-05 A train of redbirds leaves the 52nd Street station, while a train of R62A's enters. 43-05 42K
43-06 NYCB #8734 passes in front of the Church building* @ Lincoln Center 43-06 43K
43-07 Then: Gotham Tutnstyles, p 54, botom left
NOW: the northbound W and 7 trains leaving Queensboro Plaza, the only thing that hasn't changed between the pictures is a train of World's Fair cars ("Redbirds") entering the lower level of the station.
43-07 32K
43-08 A train of R42 cars on the N line leaves the Queensboro Plaza station 43-08 34K
43-09 As R36WF #9585 waits at 46th Street, a train of R62A's prepares to pass this train on the express track. 43-09 46K
43-10 A train of R62A's leaving the 61st Street station 43-10 50K
43-11 A Long Island Railroad train, led by car #9864 passes by the Woodside station 43-11 55K
43-12 Rollsign set of an R32 car 43-12 58K
43-13 Rollsign set on an R42 car 43-13 57K
43-14 Triboro Coach #2145, formerly a methanol powered bus, runs on the Q23 route, @ Austin Street & 70th Road 43-14 57K
43-15 Rollsign set on an R36 car 43-15 54K
43-16 R33WF 9313 and R36WF 9712 @ 46th Street 43-16 57K
43-17 Triboro Coach #2815 @ 48th Street & 48th Avenue 43-17 53K
43-18 Rollsign set of an R62 43-18 45K
43-19 A 5 train of R142 cars leaves the 86th Street/Lexington Avenue station 43-19 56K
43-20 With Yankee Stadium in the background, a train of R142's on the 4 line pass by, the end car, #1121, is part of an option order of 120 cars, numbered out of sequence, 1101-1220. 43-20 74K
43-21 A set of rollsigns on an R68 car 43-21 63K
43-22 There's construction at "Ground Zero," and in the midst of that construction, tracks leading to the new PATH station are seen 43-22 63K
43-23 Mind the gap! That's what people would be saying for this train. This is a train of R62A's (#1725 is pictured) at the Roosevelt Avenue (IND) station in Queens with R33WF #9311 43-23 62K
43-24 Green Bus Lines, apparently, has discovered the capabilities of LED signage on their buses. #5512 @ the Jamaica Terminal just pixeled in the reading shown, and "Q6 VIA SUTPHIN" will fall from the top of the sign in a moment. 43-24 30K