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30 December 2001

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
39-01 A J train trying to look like an E train? 39-01 94K
39-02 The R143 cars are now running on the L line. This is at the East 105 Street station. 39-02 106K
39-03 Side sign of the R143 cars 39-03 112K
39-04 Interior end sign of an R143 car 39-04 95K
39-05 A strip map on an R143 car 39-05 86K
39-06 The train snakes onto the el over Sneidker Avenue 39-06 109K
39-07 The other set of interior signs shows ads for MetroCard, Request-a-stop, and other MTA-related stuff. 39-07 98K
39-08 The train leaves the Broadway Junction station on its way to Manhattan 39-08 126K
39-09 If you look at a map of the area of the 63rd Drive station, you will notice that there is NO 64th Drive anywhere near the station! In fact, the Hagstrom map I have doesn't even HAVE a listing for 64th Drive. That sign is leading you to an intersection that doesn't exist! 39-09 115K
39-10 The train of R143 cars passes another L train 39-10 80K
39-11 Subway signs are now showing V train service. 39-11 106K
39-12 Look carefully at this sign. They misspelled a word on it. Can't find it? Look at the text below to find the answer.
Limeted rush hour E also to 179 St
39-12 64K
39-13 It's finally here! It's a V train at the 46th Street/Broadway station. 39-13 59K
39-14 New readings on the R46 signs (more info here) show the V headed for the "LOWER E. SIDE" 39-14 62K
39-15 The Q88 is a Queens Vilage route. However, I spotted Casey Stengel Depot bus #517 running on the Q88. It's seen on 92nd Street by the Queens Center Mall. 39-15 61K
39-16 Another V train seen leaving the Woodhaven Boulevard station 39-16 53K
39-18 I spotted R46 #5596 one day on a V train. It still had the old R46 readings on it. 39-18 57K
39-19 Here it is again going back to Manhattan. 39-19 53K
39-22 NYCB #611 on the Q1 route. It's showing effects of the 10-7 Syndrome. 39-22 51K
39-23 R46 #6256 at the Lexington Av/60 St station on the R line, seven blocks north of where the V runs. 39-23 66K
39-24 For all you Fishbowl fans, here's NYBS #1499 at Lexington and 62nd Street. 39-24 72K
39-25 For all you F train riders who complain that you're tired of seeing nothing but R46 cars on your line, look out. There are 5 trains of R32 cars running around on the line. Here's a rollsign shot of one of the cars on such a train. 39-25 78K
39-26 This F train of R32 cars is leaving the Roosevelt Avenue station. 39-26 59K