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15 October 2001

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
38-01 View of the Casey Stengel Depot. Notice the MCI bus on the right. 38-01 107K
38-02 Side signs of an R32 on the Q line 38-02 111K
38-03 A train of R32 cars on the Q line leaving the Roosevelt Avenue station in Queens 38-03 102K
38-04 The side sign of an E train of R46 cars showing the train's destination as Euclid Avenue 38-04 98K
38-05 Side signs of an R68 on the Q line 38-05 97K
38-06 It's kind of weird to see R68's on the Queens Blvd. Line, as is this train on the Q line 38-06 103K
38-07 #9346 at 74 Street on the 7 line 38-07 101K
38-08 Triboro Coach #677 passing by on 48th Street 38-08 145K
38-09 Green Lines #719 and NYCB #4583 on Kissena Blvd, opposite the main entrance to Queens College 38-09 128K
38-10 Green Lines #5509, with new signs installed, at 47th Avenue and 42nd Street 38-10 98K
38-11 Side sign of 5509 38-11 135K
38-12 Rear sign of 5509. This is not the regular route for either the Q32 or the Q60. There was something going on blocking the intersection at Queens Blvd. and 43rd Street. After passing by, these buses would turn on 45th Street to resme the regular route. 38-12 124K
38-13 NYCT #117 on Kissena Blvd with a new item of decoration applied to these buses: an American flag 38-13 124K
38-14 A train out of service passes by on Broadway 38-14 112K
38-15 Side signs of a J train. Too bad RJ isn't on these signs. The route they now run is what the RJ would be if it survived the demolition of the Jamaica Av. El and the extension to Jamaica Center 38-15 92K
38-16 An M train of R40 slants at the Myrtle Avenue station 38-16 117K
38-17 Queens Surface #901 being towed down Main Street 38-17 113K
38-18 Behing the end sign door of a Redbird 38-18 100K
38-19 Green Bus #5502 on 59th Avenue. 38-19 119K
38-20 A train of R142 cars on the 2 line at 59th Street. Even though it's a local now, the automated announcements still call it an express! 38-20 82K
38-21 Side signs from a 1 train of R62A cars 38-21 78K
38-22 A 1 train of R62A cars from Livonia Yard at the 59th Street station 38-22 71K
38-23 NYCB #6355 at 6th Avenue and 31st Street 38-23 143K
38-24 NYCB #612 at 59th Avenue & 92nd Street. 38-24 100K
38-25 Another 1 train of R62A's from Livonia at the Borough Hall station 38-25 104K
38-26 A J (or should I say RJ?) train leaves Pacific Street 38-26 99K