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08 September 2001

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
36-01 R143 #8108 on the express track of the 18th Avenue station on the N line. 36-01 96K
36-02 Side sign of R143 #8101 36-02 109K
36-03 R143 cars 8103 and 8102 36-03 105K
36-04 R143 #8101 at the other end of the train. The distant headlights are those of an N train at 20th Avenue. 36-04 123K
36-05 A view of the interior of one of the cars. The interior is similar to that of the R142. 36-05 82K
36-06 Locomotive #63 leading a train through the Livonia Avenue station on the Q line36-06 118K
36-07 Crane car 272 is at the other end of this train, spotted later at the East 105th Street station. 36-07 114K
36-08 A 4-car train of R44 cars between 80th and 88th Street stations in Queens 36-08 98K
36-09 This bus stop sign is located on the northbound lanes of 111th Street at Jamaica Avenue. Since when does the B37 go this far away from 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn? 36-09 117K
36-10 This bus stop sign is located on the eastbound lanes of Horace Harding and Main Street. Since when does the Q13 come this far south? 36-10 72K
36-11 A W train and a 7 train leaving the Queensboro Plaza station. 36-11 66K
36-12 An R36 mainline car leaves the Willets Point Boulevard station. 36-12 55K
36-13 R36m #9527 entering the same station a moment later. During the U.S. Open, which is held nearby, the doors on each train stopping here open on both sides, allowing people to use the otherwise unused platform. 36-13 51K
36-14 After leaving the car wash, a train enters the eastern part of Corona Yard. The platforms on the right belong to the Long Island Railroad. 36-14 92K
36-15 Redbirds in Corona Yard. 36-15 74K
36-16 A view of the trains in the yard, and some buses, too. 36-16 54K
36-17 This is the College Point yard, where many paratransit buses are now being stored. Also visible are a couple of “fishbowl” buses on the bottom left. 36-17 66K
36-18 A Long Island Railroad locomotive pulling one of the newer double-decker coaches past the Hunters Point Avenue station. 36-18 62K
36-19 Four Redbird cars sitting in 207 Street Yard. 36-19 63K
36-20 These cars have been stripped of their parts and are more or less ready for their new life under the sea. Pictured in the foreground are 7822, 7823, and 7762. The one in the back could not be identified from this distance. 36-20 84K
36-21 A better view of 7873 (r) and 7762. 36-21 77K
36-22 Three more redbirds getting similar treatment. 36-22 61K
36-23 NYCB #5352 on 207th Street & 9th Avenue in Manhattan 36-23 54K
36-24 A 1 train leaving Times Square. 36-24 70K
36-25 A bus stop sign for the X80 bus on Lexington Avenue at 125th Street in Manhattan 36-25 72K
36-26 A bus stop sign at 135th Street and Lenox Avenue (aka Malcom X Blvd) for a route that operated during the Lenox Avenue Line's rehabilitation back in 1998 called the L3, which ran from here to the Lenox Terminal station on the 3 line. 36-26 74K
36-27 An F train of R46 cars at the Chambers Street station on the A line 36-27 60K