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Viva Las Vegas
25 August 2001

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35-02 A view of McCarran International Airport from the Luxor hotel. In the foreground, above the parking lot, is a cable train that serves the Luxor, Mandalay Bay, and Excalibur hotels. That street with the palm trees in the median is Las Vegas Boulevard, aka "The Strip." 35-02 83K
35-05 CAT bus #560, with a bicycle in its bike rack, on the Strip @ Tropicana Avenue. The building in the back on the left is the New York New York hotel. The "Statue of Liberty" is wearing a t-shirt from ESPN Zone. 35-05 100K
35-06 A better view of New York New York, with CAT #410 on the Strip 35-06 111K
35-08 CAT #574 by Bally's Hotel, with another CAT bus behind it. 35-08 93K
35-23 CAT bus #402. Across the street is Ceasar's Palace. 35-23 82K
35-09 CAT bus #412 on the Strip, which the sign says is Nevada state route #604. 35-26 93K
35-27 CAT bus #419 on Tropicana Avenue, near the Excalibur hotel. 35-27 60K
35-35 The mountains around the Salt Lake Valley with a couple of airplanes at the Salt Lake City International Airport. 35-35 44K
35-36 Back in the REAL New York, New York, R30 #8289 in Coney Island Yard. 35-36 56K
35-37 More subway cars, including a couple with house-type air conditioners! 35-37 47K
35-38 With a Q train entering from the right, we see what's left of the original Stillwell Avenue terminal entrance on Surf Avenue. 35-38 47K
35-39 We have a couple of weird signs here. One says "Manhattan, Q" and the other says "Manhattan & Q!" 35-39 39K