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01 August 2001

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
34-01 We start with a relic of times long gone. Under all that grafitti, there's an antique Planter's Peanuts ad, with Mr. Peanut in retro style. This was taken from an M train at Seneca Avenue. 34-01 32K
34-02 A northbound D train at Broadway-Lafayette station. 34-02 38K
34-03 A Q train at 34th Street/6th Avenue. 34-03 14K
34-04 A B train at the same station, on the opposite side of the signal in the previous picture. 34-04 15K
34-05 A D train at the same place a few minutes later. 34-05 33K
34-06 The side of a Q train, showing what would be to come. 34-06 25K
34-07 En route to Brooklyn, with another train approaching. 34-07 36K
34-08 Tracks on the Manhattan Bridge north side 34-08 22K
34-09 A B train passes by on the Manhattan Bridge 34-09 29K
34-10 A D train passes by on the Manhattan Bridge 34-10 19K
34-11 A Q train at DeKalb Avenue 34-11 20K
34-12 A D train at DeKalb Avenue. Notice the sign hanging from above. Since when does the Broadway line go to the Bronx? 34-12 20K
34-13 R32 #3675 at Canal Street/Broadway on the N line 34-13 26K
34-14 An R22 storm door on R26 #7773 34-14 30K
34-15 An exit/transfer sign pointing to the N, R, and W trains 34-15 18K
34-16 R32 #3674 on the N train at the Lexington Avenue/60th Street station 34-16 22K
34-17 Some things change, others don't. The sign in the foreground shows the lines as N7. The one further back says NW7. 34-17 20K
34-18 The railroad crossing markings are still painted on 48th Street, but the crossing these markings warn of has been paved over for a while. 34-18 24K
34-19 A northbound W train enters the Astoria Boulevard station 34-19 21K
34-20 Two W trains at Astoria Boulevard. 34-20 25K
34-21 A <Q> train at Times Square. 34-21 20K
34-22 A (Q) train at 34th Street/Broadway 34-22 26K
34-23 NYCB #4731 on the b57 route at Jay Street & Willoughby Street 34-23 20K
34-24 An M train at the DeKalb Avenue station. The clock at the bottom-right says "12:33." M trains now run to 9th Avenue during middays again. This sign is now accurate. 34-24 24K
34-25 A W train passes by the DeKalb Avenue station 34-25 19K
34-26 A train of R46 cars at the Grand Street station on the S Grand Street Shuttle 34-26 22K
34-27 The same train of R46 cars at Broadway-Lafayette with a 6-car train of R32 cars on the other express track running on the S 6th Avenue Shuttle 34-27 21K