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16 May 2001

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
29-01 NYCB #522 at Main and Roosevelt 29-01 33K
29-02 NYCB #650 on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing 29-02 25K
29-03 NYCB #951 at 39th Street near 1st Avenue in Brooklyn 29-03 24K
29-04 Q cars in the yard north of 39th Street on 2nd Avenue in Brooklyn 29-04 24K
29-05 Another view of the same cars in the same yard 29-05 22K
29-06 EP007 at 4th Avenue station 29-06 14K
29-07 EP007 at 4th Avenue station, another view 29-07 17K
29-08 Two Queens Surface buses at Queens Plaza South and 23rd Street 29-08 28K
29-09 It's a rare sight to see a G train of R32 cars, but this picture was taken aboard one of them. 29-09 24K
29-10 The 23rd Street-Ely Avenue station 29-10 19K
29-11 A view of the tracks north of 4th Avenue. 29-11 27K
29-12 A G train switching onto B3 track at 4th Avenue 29-12 35K
29-13 Queens Surface #495 on the QM1 route at Queens and Woodhaven Boulevards 29-13 23K
29-14 Long Island Bus #594 on Main Street in Flushing 29-14 24K
29-15 NYCB #545 still has the “10-7 Syndrome.” 29-15 25K
29-16 Long Island Bus #315 on Roosevelt Avenue 29-16 26K
29-17 Green Bus Lines #5548 at Kew Gardens Road and 80th Road
You Are The Weakest Link ...Goodbye!
29-17 31K
29-18 Green Bus Lines #711 on Woodhaven Boulevard 29-18 22K
29-19 Triboro Coach #3005 on Queens Boulevard 29-19 25K
29-20 A mosaic at Woodhaven Boulevard station. There hasn't been a 60th Avenue near this entrance in years. 29-20 16K
29-21 A car manufacturers plate in near mint condition in R36 car 9621. 29-21 16K
29-21 A close-up of it. The text reads:
Built by
A division of
29-21a 5K
29-22 One of the many LED signs at or near escalators all over the system. This one is at the lower level uptown platform of the West 4th Street station. Usually, they give safety advisories like “Step on and off escalator” and “Avoid the sides of the escalator.” But, all this one says is "MTA." It transitions to another color pattern and it still says that. It goes through dozens of transitions and this is all it can produce. Do we need a constant reminder of the name of the parent agency of the subway? I don’t think so. 29-22 25K
29-23 Former Triboro Coach #744 “Fishbowl” on 51st Street in Manhattan 29-23 28K
29-24 Front view of this “Fishbowl.” 29-24 28K
29-25 An R68 at Queensboro Plaza with the new rollsigns. 29-25 23K
29-26 Green Bus Lines #1167 on Queens Boulevard 29-26 19K
29-27 A Main Street-bound 7 train leaving Queensboro Plaza 29-27 23K