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18 April 2001

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
27-01 Buses in the College Point Yard, located across the Flushing River from the Casey Stengel Depot. 27-01 31K
27-02 A sign at 49th Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan marking the entrance to the 49th Street station with the N and R trains. 27-02 24K
27-03 A 6 train leaving the 59th Street station 27-03 14K
27-04 A nice picture of an N train leaving Queensboro Plaza 27-04 28K
27-05 NYCB #5074 at 47th Street & Greenpoint Avenue, with 911 on the rear sign. 27-05 24K
27-06 NYCB #7037 at Horace Harding & 153rd Street, suffering from 10-7 Syndrome. 27-06 20K
27-07 An E train of R46 cars at the Jamaica Center Station. 27-07 17K
27-08 R36 #9411 with R36M #9543. Notice the red diamond on 9543. 27-08 19K
27-09 NYCB #4141 on 92nd Street. 27-09 25K
27-10 R68 and Redbird cars in the Coney Island Yard. 27-10 31K
27-11 R46 #6202 on an R train at the Woodhaven Boulevard station. 27-11 11K
27-12 It's rare to find an RTS from Casey Stengel Depot. For a while, it was 100% Orions. Not anymore. Here's #4448 on the Q27 route at Kissena Boulevard and 41st Avenue. 27-12 24K
27-13 Queens Surface Corp. #389 at Main and Roosevelt. The rear sign shows 7X9. 27-13 21K
27-14 R62 #1575 at the 14th Street-Union Square station on the 4 line. 27-14 19K
27-15 Check out this route sign on a World's Fair R36 on the 6 line (#9519). Apparently at one time, the yellow 6 was covered up by the 6. Through the years, the 6 eroded off. 27-15 19K
27-16 NYCB #545 at Devoe Avenue and E Tremont Avenue, also suffering from the 10-7 Syndrome. 27-16 24K
27-17 NYCB #5269 at E Tremont and Boston Road on the Bx42 route. Notice the smaller font size of the 42 on the sign. 27-17 27K
27-18 A 2 train on the middle track at the East Tremont Avenue station. 27-18 21K
27-19 R142A #7360 on the middle track at the East 180 Street station. 27-19 22K
27-20 Jet snow blower JB3 on one of the tracks east of the northbound track at East 180. 27-20 28K
27-21 Unionport Yard is now full of R142 and R142A cars! 27-21 20K
27-22 Some of the cars visible in this picture are (left to right): Tk19: 7220; Tk21: 7211, 7212, 7213; Tk23: 6444, 6443, 6442. More cars occupy tracks 24 through 32. 27-22 21K
27-23 R33 car #8885 with a strange combination for a train in the Bronx: 7 Times Square. 27-23 30K
27-23a The signs on the above picture close up. 27-23a 2K
27-24 R26 cars 7776 and 7777 at the East Tremont Avenue station. 27-24 19K
27-25 An out of service 3 train rounds the curve into the East Tremont Avenue station. 27-25 23K
27-27 On March 1, 1998, the B and C lines swapped services north of 145th Street. However, three years later, they still haven't changed this sign on the downtown upper level platform at 145th Street. A C train was entering the station when this picture was taken. 27-27 23K

The 10-7 Syndrome is the official Transfer Point name for when charecters 10 pixels high are attempted to be displayed on signs that are only 7 pixels high.