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17 March 2001

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
26-01 An E train at the 34 Street/6 Avenue station 26-01 16K
26-02 An R train at the Roosevelt Island station with R40 slant #4295. 26-02 15K
26-03 The same S train as in the above picture, going back to 21-Queensbridge. 26-03 13K
26-04 Triboro Coach #3067 at 61st Street & Long Island Railroad in Woodside. 26-04 22K
26-05 Remember R42 #4776, last seen in Transit Pictures 11? Here it is on the middle track of the Eastern Parkway station. The sign still says “Not In Service.” 26-05 22K
26-07 A Long Island Railroad “Engineering Inspection Vehicle” on the tracks above the bus stop shelter on Archer Avenue. 26-07 22K
26-08 The same vehicle with Jamaica Bus #3842 26-08 22K
26-09 A train of R36 cars entering the 74th Street-Broadway station. 26-09 24K
26-10 A train of R42 cars entering the Queensboro Plaza station 26-10 24K
26-11 Same train, same station as above.
Isn’t this M train in the wrong part of Queens?
26-11 19K
26-12 Sometime between December 2000 and January 2001, they started mixing up the cars that were in the “Subway Series” train on the 7 line. Here's the car that was originally at the Flushing end (#9394) with the R33 single (#9327) that is still in the right place. 26-12 23K
26-13 R32 #3881 at 168th Street station 26-13 20K
26-14 Interior of car 3881. 26-14 25K
26-15 R62A cars on a 1 train at the 168 Street station. Notice the sparks coming from the third rail. 26-15 20K
26-16 A view of the 207th Street Yard from the 207th Street station. 26-16 29K
26-16 A close-up of some cars from the above picture. Notice the R131 (R110B) cars. 26-16a 11K
26-17 A JFK Airport bus. This picture was taken at the bus stop near Terminal 6. 26-17 24K
26-18 The side signs from R32 #3798. 26-18 27K
26-19 Green Bus Lines #716 at Queens Center Mall on the Q60 route. 26-19 21K
26-20 Acela locomotive #2034 on track 14 of New York’s Pennsylvania Station 26-20 18K
26-21 Car 3557 with a “Front of LIRR train” sign 26-21 15K
26-22 The doors are open on the Acela train. 26-22 18K
26-23 A view from above 26-23 15K
26-24 My goodness! They sure put up a lot of reflective material on these cars! Check out the interior of this train if you can. It's like that of an airplane! 26-24 12K
26-25 The departure board says that that Acela train will leave at 3:50 PM. 26-25 25K
26-27 Green Bus Lines #5501 with another gizmo. Balios signs siilar to those on #5503, but the side signs are noticeably different. 26-27 16K