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19 February 2001

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
25-01 R36 #9548 at the 69th Street station on the 7 line 25-01 16K
25-02 9551 at the 74th Stret station on the 7 line 25-02 22K
25-08 MARC trains in Sunnyside Yard! 25-08 21K
25-08a Close-up view of the above picture 25-08a 4K
25-09 A Q train at the 14 Street-Union Square station 25-09 18K
25-10 An MCI bus on Broadway, running on route X27. 25-10 32K
25-14 A 3 train at the East 180th Street station in the Bronx. It's on its way to the car wash at the 239th Street Yard. 25-14 24K
25-20 Two North Terminal rolls on R36 9542! Looks like we found one of 8614's missing NT rolls. 25-20 21K
25-21 ACELA locomotive 663 at Penn Station with a train of Amfleet cars 25-21 12K
25-22 This has got to be one of the strangest signs I've ever seen! The North Terminal sign has only one "e" in Queens, a backwards "u," and an accent mark! It was found on car 9542. 25-22 19K
25-22a A close-up of the sign. 25-22a 37K
25-24 A Q train of R32 cars at the Prospect Park station. 25-24 30K