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24 January 2001

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
24-01 Signal P1-24 at the Livonia Avenue station on the L line 24-01 30K
24-02 If you thought that the Subway Series trains were something, how about this: half of a subway series train.  These six cars (including one hidden behind the column) were seen at the 52nd Street-Lincoln Avenue station of the 7 line. 24-02 19K
24-03 Picture #22-25 shows a clock that was 15 minutes ahead.  Here's the proof.  The clock below, set to the tone heard on the radio, reads “12:22,” and the clock says “12:37.”   Fifteen minutes fast! 24-03 23K
24-04 R62A #1716’s number plate 24-04 15K
24-05 Green Bus Lines #5501, “the talking bus” on Queens Boulevard. This is the first bus picture of the new millennium. 24-05 28K
24-06 An “N Broadway Express” train at the 34th Street station. This is the first subway picture of the new millennium. 24-06 23K
24-07 A 7 train meets a counterpart on the Manhattan Bridge 24-07 19K
24-08 R142A car #7271 leads a 6 train into the Fulton Street station 24-08 17K
24-09 R62A #1880 on another 6 train at the Bowling Green station. 24-09 20K
24-10 Seasons greetings from MTA-Long Island Bus.  Isn't it a little late for that, 191? 24-10 24K
24-11 Another express bus on a local route.  The bus: #3833.  The route: Q17.  The location: Main Street & Roosevelt Avenue. 24-11 28K
24-12 A train of red cars entering the 111th Street station on the 7 line. 24-12 22K
24-13 As a 7 train and an N train enter the Queensboro Plaza, the train in between them leaves.  Believe it or not, this is an M train.  I have no idea as to what it's doing here. 24-13 17K
24-14 Between cars on a 7 train.   The end signs here say 6 Brooklyn Bridge. 24-14 19K
24-15 R36M #9550 runs with the R36-WF cars on a 7 train at the Grand Central station. 24-15 20K
24-16 City Hall: the southernmost station on the 6 line.  It is the crown jewel of the New York City subway system.  It is a short loop station south of the Brooklyn Bridge station. It is only seen by train crews and the occasional passenger who ignores the “LAST STOP” announcements that are made between Canal Street and Brooklyn Bridge. Here is one of the wall signs. 24-16 18K
24-17 This picture was taken in the same general area as the picture on the front cover of the book Tracks of the New York City Subway by Peter J. Dougherty.  The only differences are:
1.  this picture was taken on a northbound train.
2.  A Q train is the subject of this picture.
3.  There is snow on the ground in this picture.
4.  It was snowing when this picture was taken.
5.  Both trains are a bit further south in this picture.
24-17 17K
24-18 The ceiling tiles of the City Hall station.  A chandelier is visible in the reflection on the car. 24-18 13K
24-19 The only exit of the City Hall station.  It goes by so fast, separate trains are taken for EACH picture! 24-19 21K
24-20 An E train at the 57th Street/6th Avenue station. 24-20 17K
24-21 R46 #6000 on an F train at the Lexington Avenue/63rd Street station 24-21 18K
24-22 A train at the 21 Street-Queensbridge station with an upside-down K sign! 24-22 17K
24-23 The S train leaves the 21-Queensbridge station. 24-23 12K
24-24 Another E train enters the same station. 24-24 18K
24-25 The last cars in the IND that were recieved, operated, and retired as singles were the R10 cars, which were retired around 1990.  I don't know the last time this  7  sign was useful, but there it hangs along with an 8 sign at the 71-Continental Av staion. 24-25 18K
24-26 R36m #9536 at the 61st Street-Woodside station. 24-26 23K
24-27 Number plate of R36m #9538. 24-27 26K