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20 December 2000

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
23-A-01 A "T" sign at the Union Turnpike station. 23-A-01 31K
23-C-01 A bus stop sign in Christmas decorations 23-C-01 62K
23-C-02 NYCB #8273 on 5th Avenue, taken from the bus in the picture below 23-C-02 44K
23-C-03 NYCB #6357 at 5th Avenue & 33rd Street 23-C-03 22K
23-C-04 Punch board at the 21 Street-Queensbridge station 23-C-04 34K
23-C-05 A Q train leaving the station 23-C-05 15K
23-C-06 More R142 cars at the Unionport Yard 23-C-06 37K
23-C-07 R142A cars 7273-7275 23-C-07 72K
23-C-08 A "Gray 5" train in the E 180 Street Yard 23-C-08 103K
23-C-09 R36 #9346 at the 46 Street-Bliss Street station on the 7 line. 23-C-09 40K
23-C-10 A 7 train enters the 46 Street-Bliss Street station on a cold morning. 23-C-10 31K
23-C-11 NYCB #139 at Roosevelt Avenue on the Q26 route. It still has the Yukon Depot decals on! 23-C-11 27K
23-C-12 R38 #3997 at the Chambers Street station on the C line 23-C-12 26K
23-C-13 R62A #2215 at the 34th Street station on the 9 line. 23-C-13 20K
23-C-14 R62A #1921 at the 110th Street station on the 3 line 23-C-14 28K
23-C-15 R142 #6321 on the White Plains Road Line 23-C-15 47K
23-C-16 R142A cars 7220, 7250-1, and R142 car 6411 in Unionport 23-C-16 52K
23-C-17 R142 #6345 on the 2 line at E 180 Street 23-C-17 46K
23-C-18 R142 6323-7; the Subway Series Train 23-C-18 47K
23-C-19 R142 #6320 at E 180 Street 23-C-19 49K
23-C-20 R142 #6330 leads a train into the station 23-C-20 49K
23-C-21 R142A #7300 on the middle track of the station. 23-C-21 49K
23-C-22 A shot of the cab of an R142. 23-C-22 31K
23-C-23 For those of you who think that gray 5 is a faded green, take a look at the yellow 6 beneath it! 23-C-23 23K
23-C-24 R29 #8748 on a 5 train at the Times Square station 23-C-24 27K
23-C-25 A picture of the ACELA train crossing 48th Street. The photographer was in a rooftop parking lot across 37th Avenue 23-C-25 35K