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28 October 2000

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
22-01 NYCB #136 at Casey Stengel Depot with Yukon Depot decals on 22-01 26K
22-02 NYCB #660 on Roosevelt Avenue 22-02 28K
22-03 Long Island Bus #595 on Roosevelt Avenue 22-03 30K
22-04 "Quality Control Bus" decal similar to the ones New York City Bus uses 22-04 26K
22-05 R36-WF 9368, 9369, and 9464 in Coney Island Yard 22-05 25K
22-06 Another R36-WF picture at CI Yard 22-06 28K
22-07 A 10\R sign at Stillwell Avenue station. This sign was found on Track 1, which is used by N trains. NX trains also stopped here when they ran. 22-07 39K
22-08 A "Subway Series" banner outside Grand Central Terminal. 22-08 15K
22-09 R36-WF #9592 with end sign reading "111 St Corona" 22-09 18K
22-10 For the 2000 Subway Series, the first in 44 years, and the first involving the New York Mets, some trains were wrapped with all these fancy graphics. This train is running as a Manhattan-bound 7 train at 46th Street - Bliss Street. The end cars are appropriately dressed up in Mets colors. Although I'm a Yankees fan, the 7 line is close to where I live and I therefore have a few pictures of Redbirds with these colors. 22-10 25K
22-11 Cars 9712 and 9713 at Queensboro Plaza 22-11 25K
22-12 The side of a car at the 45th Road-Courthouse Square station 22-12 24K
22-13 Interior view of R33-WF #9327 at Hunters Point Avenue. Notice the frosted tilt-in windows. 22-13 32K
22-14 Cars 9327 and 9395 at the Vernon-Jackson Avenues station 22-14 27K
22-15 R36-WF #9394 at the back end of the train at the 5th Avenue station 22-15 18K
22-16 R36-WF #9394 is now at the front of the train, and it's running express through the 46th Street-Bliss Street station. 22-16 16K
22-17 R33 #8885 was the 9th car of the train that was involved in an accident near the President Street station on the 2 line. It's mate, #8884, was damaged in the wreck. A switch moved underneath 8884, and the rear truck of the car was behaving as if it was part of a 3 train. The car hit a divding wall and had a bend in it. Car 8885 is now a rail adhesion car and is seen here near the Dyre Line flyover north of East 180th Street. 22-17 29K
22-18 R142 #6301 is leading a train down the Dyre Test Track 22-18 39K
22-19 Another picture of R142A cars in the Unionport Yard 22-19 25K
22-20 R142A #7260 22-20 27K
22-21 An old, gray 5 sign. 22-21 14K
22-22 An old map at the 57th Street/6th Avenue station with an old phone booth. 22-22 23K
22-23 NYCB #9309 on 5th Avenue. 22-23 26K
22-24 Metro North #1163 on track 38 of Grand Central Terminal 22-24 16K
22-25 You might not know it, but the clock in this picture is 15 minutes fast! This clock is at the 52nd Street-Lincoln Avenue station on the 7 line 22-25 29K
22-26 The side signs of a red car, with the north terminal sign reading "111 St-Corona Queens" 22-26 22K