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23 July 2000

Thumbnail Description Call # File Size
15-01 A 7 train leaves Grand Central.  This is car #9677.  Look carefully, and you'll find the green EXP sign! 15-01 19K
  COW PARADE COW: Cow Friends Network.
Click here to see it.
15-03 The old Penn Station flip board. 15-03 31K
15-04 The New Penn Station departure board. 15-04 32K
15-05 A closer look at the letters on the sign 15-05 25K
15-06 NYCB #5242 at Graham & Metropolitan Avenues 15-06 31K
15-07 Old & New: this picture was taken at the Hunters Point Avenue station on the 7 line. 7 trains no longer go to Astoria.  They never did.
Look at the newer sign. It says “To Flushing & Main Street” Don’t you think that’s a little redundant? I mean, Main Street is in Flushing!
15-07 25K
15-08 The train of R142 cars entering Nevins Street 15-08 19K
15-09 The side sign of the R142.  Compare with the R142A. (#14-24) 15-09 20K
15-10 R142 route map. 15-10 17K
15-11 R142 interior sign. 15-11 27K
15-12 This old plaque reads:
This tablet is erected to commemorate the opening of the first subway linking the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn January 9 1908
15-12 35K
  COW PARADE COW: Live Stock, view 1
Click here to see it.
  COW PARADE COW: Live Stock, view 2; with Charging Bull
Click here to see it.
15-15 View of East 180 Street Yard. 15-15 20K
15-16 NYCB #638 at Main & Roosevelt (Q48) 15-16 27K
15-17 Corona Yard, view 1. 15-17 37K
15-18 Corona Yard, view 2. 15-18 35K
15-19 Corona Yard, view 3. 15-19 38K
15-20 Then & Now:
THEN: Gotham Turnstyles, page 52.
NOW: R33 singles chill out for the summer.
15-20 36K
15-22 When was the last time you saw one red car by itself?  Car #9326, in the middle of this picture, is what I'm talking about. 15-22 35K
15-23 Corona Yard, view 6.  This view features R36 #9346 with its doors open! 15-23 30K
15-24 Then & Now:
THEN: Gotham Turnstyles, outside front cover
NOW: R33 #9092 at 177th Street (now called East Tremont Avenue)
15-24 34K
15-25.jpg Then & Now:
THEN: Gotham Turnstyles, outside front cover
NOW: R142 #6301 at the same station.
15-25 34K
15-26 R26 #7773 at 149 Street-Grand Concourse, Jerome line, middle track.  Notice the R22-style storm door. 15-26 15K
15-27 A SEPTA trolley near the corner of 4th Avenue & Union Street in Brooklyn, nowhere near southeastern Pennsylvania! 15-27 37K
15-28 Foreground: RD356
Middleground, right: Buses from Jackie Gleason Depot.
Background: South Brooklyn Railway locomotive N1(?)
15-28 18K