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14 July 2000

Thumbnail Description Call # File Size
14-01 A 5 train of red cars leaves the Bowling Green station. 14-01 25K
14-02 A 5 train of R62A cars leaves the same station. 14-02 24K
14-03 Look above the modern-looking sign to find the magenta 4 and black 5 which was used on subway maps before 1979. 14-03 28K
14-04 NYCB #8501 with a strange reading on its rear sign. 14-04 31K
14-05 A SIRT train leaves the Grasmere station 14-05 40K
14-06 Grasmere station entrance: "Grasmere I.R.T."
Since when does the I.R.T. run on Staten Island?
14-06 42K
14-07 NYCB #6225 taking passengers at 4th Avenue & 86th Street in Brooklyn 14-07 37K
14-08 A view of R68A #5116.  What's missing?  The side sign! 14-08 38K
14-09 This is something I don't get:
The people who put up the street signs call the land bordered by New Utrecht Avenue, 9th Avenue, & 36th Street in Brooklyn "Heffernan Square," as this picture shows.  The Parks Department on the other hand, calls the same area "Hefferman Triangle."  I tend to agree with the Parks Department on this one, because of the fact it is a triangle. 
14-09 33K
14-10 A Manhattan-bound F train enters the Church Avenue station on the express track.  Unfortunately, it makes no stop here. 14-10 19K
14-11 A 4 train leaving Borough Hall.  Notice the white sign hanging over the platform. 14-11 15K
14-12 A 5 train leaving the same station.  Notice the marker lights on this train.  We get a better view of the white sign. 14-12 19K
14-13 Triboro Coach #770 at Woodhaven & Queens Boulevards. 14-13 31K
14-14 R36 #9502. 
This is a rarity.  Cars in the 9500 series with a black bar and purple diamond.   They usually have the yellow bar, with or without the diamond.  The purple diamond indicates that the car calls the Corona Yard its home.  Corona Yard is home to the only IRT line in Queens, the 7.  Even stranger is that the station from which this picture is taken is nowhere in Queens!   This is Whitlock Avenue in The Bronx, and 9502 is in a consist of R36 cars on the 6 line!
14-14 18K
14-15 8613's number plate. 14-15 14K
14-16 Car 9111 at Whitlock Avenue 14-16 31K
14-17 The R142A cars approach the Whitlock Avenue station, led by 7211. 14-17 39K
14-18 The interior sign on the R142A. 14-18 25K
14-19 Strip map and artwork in the R142A.  The art was done by Owen Smith, the same artist who made the artwork at the 36th Street/4th Avenue station. 14-19 23K
14-22 R142A cars leaving uptown at 14th Street 14-22 23K
14-23 Hey, are the signs in the middle of the train supposed to be lit up like that? 14-23 24K
14-24 The side sign of the R142A.  Compare with the R142. (#15-09) 14-24 28K
14-25.jpg A 7 train rounds the curve into 46th Street.  This train is 10 cars long.  They're always 1 car short in the summer because that 1 car has no air conditioning. 14-25 27K
14-26 The train of R131 (R110B) cars passing through the 34th Street/8th Avenue station on its way to 207th Street Yard. 14-26 22K
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