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09 July 2000

Thumbnail Description Call # File Size
13-A-01 A view of the East New York Yard 13-A-01 37K
13-A-02 Penn Station's track 18.  This brings up a question: COULDN'T THEY HAVE BUILT THESE TRACKS IN A STRAIGHT LINE? 13-A-02 12K
13-A-03 Another view of the same MetroCard Vending Machines seen in photo 12-27. 13-A-03 31K
13-A-04 NYCB #5239 on Church Avenue 13-A-04 25K
13-A-05 NYCB #583 13-A-05 29K
13-A-06 NYCB #581 13-A-06 36K
13-A-07 Hey look!  It's the train carrying John Rocker to Shea Stadium!  Just kidding.  It's just a train with two R21/22 cars and an R74 in the consist. 13-A-07 21K
13-A-08 A close-up of the lead motor, R22 #7371. 13-A-08 22K
13-A-09 The train at the Junction Boulevard station. 13-A-09 27K
13-A-10 Command Bus #470 at Queens Plaza. 13-A-10 23K
13-A-11 NYCB #5238 at Queens Plaza South & 28th Street, a long way from its home at the Jackie Gleason Depot. 13-A-11 23K
13-A-12 NYCB #5201 on a different corner of the same intersection. 13-A-12 39K
13-A-13 Queens Surface #374 at Queens Plaza.  This bus is now boarding for Rikers Island. 13-A-13 41K
13-A-14 Green Bus Lines #10001 passing through Queens Plaza South & 28th Street.   13-A-14 38K
13-A-15 A Hybrid bus, #6355 at Hoyt Avenue & 31st Street. 13-A-15 29K
13-A-16 The same bus leaving the bus stop on 125th Street at Lexington Avenue. 13-A-16 29K
13-A-17 R36 #9760 peeks out from behind a building at the Coney Island Yard. 13-A-17 36K
13-A-18 BMT D-type #6019, built circa 1925, in the Coney Island Yard. 13-A-18 24K
13-A-19 An R68A car displays another case of the "Upside-down Letter Syndrome."  This case yields an upside-down Broadway B. 13-A-19 25K
13-A-20 Snow jet blower JB2 hangs out next to R30 #8289, just south of the Avenue X station. 13-A-20 34K
13-A-21 Jamaica Bus Lines #575 on 48th Street. 13-A-21 38K
13-A-22 The Penn Station departure board. 13-A-22 23K
13-A-23 Green Bus Lines #5502 on Queens Boulevard & 46th Street 13-A-23 46K