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16 June 2000

Thumbnail Description Call # File Size
10-A-01 A Queens Surface bus (#946) and a Green Lines bus (#702) at Queens Boulevard & 45th Street 10-A-01 27K
10-A-02 The MetroCard van 10-A-02 29K
10-A-03 Two old Long Island Railroad cars 10-A-03 36K
10-A-04 NYCB #804 turning onto Jackson Avenue 10-A-04 32K
10-A-05 Two Triboro Coach alternative fuel buses, #2051 (f) runs on compressed natural gas (CNG), and #2147 (b) runs on methanol (CH3OH) 10-A-05 40K
10-A-06 The back view of #2147. 10-A-06 32K
10-A-07 Triboro Coach #656/656 at 24th Street & Queens Plaza South 10-A-07 29K
10-A-08 5th Avenue/53rd Street station entrance 10-A-08 25K
10-C-01 NYCB #6012 at 5th Avenue & 46th Street 10-C-01 34K
10-C-02.jpg Liberty Lines #3067 at the same location 10-C-02 31K
10-C-03 NYBS #1625 at the same location 10-C-03 34K
10-C-04 NYCB #2135 at Madison Avenue & 46th Street 10-C-04 31K
10-C-05 Bee Lines #920 at the same location 10-C-05 32K
10-C-06 Command Bus #4948 at the same location 10-C-06 33K
10-C-07 R62 cars on the Shuttle 10-C-07 15K
10-C-08 R62A #2171 at Times Square 10-C-08 24K
10-C-09.jpg R40m #4501 on the L line 10-C-09 27K
10-C-10.jpg A 4 train at Union Square 10-C-10 13K
10-C-11.jpg R68 #2922 and R32 #3582 10-C-11 32K
10-C-12.jpg R68 #2850 passing the 20th Avenue station on the express track 10-C-12 38K
10-C-13.jpg Exposed trolley tracks at Church & McDonald Avenues 10-C-13 30K
10-C-14.jpg Queens Surface bus #442 on Broadway 10-C-14 26K