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28 May 2000 & 09 June 2000

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
9-01 An Orion V CNG (QSC 429) bus sports a strange-looking sign on the Q101. 9-01 31K
9-02 The side sign of the same bus. 9-02 37K
9-03 QSC #436 @ Northern Blvd & Broadway 9-03 31K
9-04 Rear view of the same bus 9-04 31K
9-05 An express bus on a local route! #102, on the Q74 route, passes by on Queens Boulevard, on its way back to Queens College 9-05 29K
9-06 A descendant of the Fishbowl buses, Green Bus Lines #716 an MCI Classic, sports its Ask Jeeves wrapping, as it turns onto 80th Road. 9-06 29K
9-07 The end signs of a Redbird 9-07 13K
9-08 Another Orion V sporting an even stranger sign than the one on the Q101. This one's on the QM1A. 9-08 26K
9-09 Green Bus Lines #721 on Queens Boulevard. 9-09 20K
9-11 The side sign of an R-110B car 9-11 19K
9-12 The R110B cars in service on the C line.   This picture was taken at the 59th Street-Columbus Circle station. 9-12 19K
9-13 THEN: Car #6381 leaves the Wyckoff Avenue station at the end of a string of R16 cars on a #10 train. (8/19/1964, Douglas Grotjahn, New York City Subways Calendar, September 2000)
NOW: An R42 car follows in that R16's footsteps on the old #10 line, now called by the letter M.  (5/25/2000)
9-13 24K
9-14 An erroneous sign at the Myrtle Avenue station.  THE Z TRAIN DOES NOT GO TO METROPOLITAN AVENUE! 9-14 35K
9-15 THEN: A set of Q cars passing behind the RKO Bushwick theatre (7/1962, Gerald H. Landau, New York City Subways Calendar, July 1998)
NOW: A J train passing behind the same building, almost 38 years later.  Much has changed since the THEN picture was taken. (5/25/2000)
9-15 33K
9-16 THEN: A set of R1-9 cars at Euclid Avenue (11/23/1948, photographer unknown,The Subway: A Trip Through Time on New York's Rapid Transit, 70)
NOW: A set or R38 cars taken from the same vantage point.  Notice the addition of lots of signs over the years.  There are R44 cars on the other side of the tracks.
9-16 21K
9-17 THEN: A set of R36 cars stopping at the Willets Point Boulevard station.  (5/16/1964,  Douglas Grotjahn, New York City Subways Calendar, May 1999)
NOW: Same equipment, same station, different time of day, as a 7 Express leaves for Times Square. (5/26/2000)
9-17 30K
9-18 THEN: A set of BMT D-types on an Astoria-bound train at Queensboro Plaza.  (5/29/1964, Douglas Grotjahn, New York City Subways Calendar, June 2000)
NOW: A set of R40 slants leaving the same station. No World's Fair today.   (5/26/2000)
9-18 20K
9-19 The interior of an R32 9-19 33K
9-20 R32 #3348 at Astoria Boulevard (N)
3348 is not it's original number!  For more information about #3348, click here.
9-20 40K
9-21 THEN: A set of R27 cars on a QT train approaches the Astoria Boulevaard station (February 1961, John Henderson, Gotham Turnstyles, 73, bottom)
NOW: A set of R68 cars enters the same station.  This picture couldn't be taken from the exact position as the THEN picture because of two sheds, the one on the right on this picture, and the one on the platform, out of view.  Isn't it ironic that this photo is of equipment that replaced the equipment in the THEN picture?
9-21 30K
9-22 THEN: A southbound train of Low-V cars rounds the curveleading to the 177th Street station in the Bronx (October 1962, John Henderson, Gotham Turnstyles, 39, bottom)
NOW: A 2 train rounds the same curve.  The only difference that can't be seen from this photograph is the name of the station.  It is now called East Tremont Avenue. (5/26/2000)
9-22 30K
9-23 R142 #6315 at East 180 Street 9-23 33K
9-24 R142A #7214's sign. 9-24 26K
9-25 R142A #7215 at Gun Hill Road, Dyre Line. 9-25 22K
9-26 A three car train at the north end of the yard.  The two cars on the outside ends are R21/22 cars.  I saw a similar train passing through Grand Central.  The car in the middle, based on its number, S02, is an R74 signal supply car (aka "signal dolly"). 
The train I saw pass through Grand Central, and th etrain that I saw on the 7 line the day John Rocker was rumored to ride the line, was not the train pictured here.  The car in this picture would have to be S01, and its motors, which I don't have the numbers for.
Taken at 215th Street
9-26 34K
9-27 A view of the yard from a northbound 1 train leaving the 207th Street station.  The three trains on the right are R44 cars, and I originally thought the train on the right was an R62, but upon closer inspection, it looks more like an R42 or R40m. 9-27 28K
9-28 A view from a northbound 1 train at the 207th Street Yard.  Visible between the buildings, is an R110B car.   Its number is most likely 3007 or 3009, because the cab window is showing.   Car 3008 has no cab.  This is the P train.  (The "P" stands for Parts.  This is the train that keeps cars 3001-3006 running on the C line every weekday.  At the time this picture was taken, that train was returning to its terminal at 168th Street, somewhere between Euclid Avenue and Utica Avenue.)

Upon further investigation, namely another visit to the area with binoculars, the car in this picture is #3009.

9-28 44K
9-29 An articulated bus, #1082 turns onto Fordham Road on its way to The Hub, where transfers can be made to the 2 and 5 trains.  The route it's running on, Bx55, is the replacement for the 3rd Avenue El.  (For a short time, the El was referred to as the 8 line.  See New York City Subway Maps from 1967 to 1973 for more info, and stops on this line.  The last train ran on 06 April 1973.)  I wonder what it would be like today if it hadn't been torn down. 9-29 33K