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12 May 2000

Thumbnail Description Call # File Size
7-A-01 Long Island Railroad #504 leaving Long Island City 7-A-01 27K
7-A-02 Long Island Railroad #100 hanging out in Long Island City 7-A-02 29K
7-A-03 LIRR #406 approaching the 11th Street Crossing 7-A-03 36K
7-A-04 The same locomotive after crossing 11th Street 7-A-04 32K
7-A-05 Green Bus Lines #5550 leaving the Woodhaven Boulevard stop (Q60) 7-A-05 40K
7-A-06 Triboro Coach #3059 crossing the westbound lanes of Queens Boulevard (Q38) 7-A-06 32K
7-A-07 Green Bus Lines #1148 approaching the Woodhaven Boulevard stop. (Q60) 7-A-07 29K
7-A-08 Another view of the same bus. Notice the sign at the bottom of the window. (Q60) 7-A-08 25K
7-C-01 A sign in Jamaica still points to a J train subway station at Sutphin Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue. However, the station moved one block south, and underground, to Archer Avenue. The E stops there, too. This sign shows the E stopping with the F at the stop on Parsons Boulevard & Hillside Avenue. 7-C-01 34K
7-C-02.jpg NYCB #5166 on Archer Avenue (Q85).  The sign shows characters 7 pixels tall, when it can regularly display characters 10 pixels tall. 7-C-02 31K
7-C-03 Long Island Bus #280 leaves Jamaica Center on its way to Freeport. (N4) 7-C-03 34K
7-C-04 Jamaica Bus Lines #3851 picking up passengers on Archer Avenue. (Q111) 7-C-04 31K
7-C-05 A Next Train sign going crazy at Jamaica Center.   The sign was caught saying "J@G@;K@J$,J))0)" when it should have said " NEXT TRAIN --> " This picture also shows a J train entering Jamaica Center from the east. 7-C-05 32K
7-C-06 A view of the East New York subway yard and bus maintenance facility. Notice Bus #522 iunder the foot bridge on the left side of the picture. It's here for a paint job. 7-C-06 33K