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04 May 2000

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
6-02 The front of a rider car. 6-02 27K
6-03 The Front of the train of R142 cars (6306-6310) south of the Howard Beach station, taken from a passing A train. 6-03 18K
6-04 A view of a pair of tracks leading to the northern portion of the Rockaway Line, taken from a Rockaway Park Shuttle on the F6 track. 6-04 15K
6-06 The Rockaway Park Shuttle is ready to leave...Hey, wait a minute!  That isn't a Rockaway Park Shuttle!  That's the train of R142 cars at the Broad Channel Station! 6-06 19K
6-07 The R142 cars approaching the Broad Channel station again.  The car in the foreground on the left is R38 Car #4118, leading an A train to Rockaway Boulevard. 6-07 17K
6-09 An electric locomotive, distinguished by its red and white stripes on the end 6-09 17K
6-10 Some trackwork in progress at the North Conduit Avenue station. 6-10 16K
6-11 The side of an R15 yellowbird showing just how much of an R15 it is...the circular door windows. 6-11 12K
6-12 RD358 on the Rockaway line 6-12 22K
6-13 A work train, taken from a passing A train at the Aqueduct Racetrack station. 6-13 20K
6-14 RD339 on another train on the same line 6-14 27K
6-15 Another strange sign at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station. This one says "Spring." 6-15 17K
6-16 A messed-up sign on an R46 car on the G line. 6-16 17K
6-17 Another messed-up sign on the same car. 6-17 22K
6-19 A D train at Carroll Street. 6-19 15K
6-20 Another D train beween Carroll Street and Smith-9. 6-20 12K
6-21 Green Bus Lines #1147 at 47th Street & Queens Boulevard (Q60) 6-21 24K
6-23 The sign outside the Roosevelt Island station.  That third dark circle should have S, since it stops there during the night.  It used to carry JFK Express.  That was between the time this station opened in 1989, and the time the line "died" in April 1990.  In the fall of 2001, a second circle will go blank, and the other one will have an F on it. 6-23 24K
6-24 An R14 "Yellowbird" outside the Queensboro Plaza Station 6-24 19K
6-25 MTA New York City Bus #678 on Queens Plaza South. (#7) 6-25 26K
6-26 A train of Slant R40 cars on the N line leaves Queensboro Plaza.  The double crossover in this picture is the only rail link between the 7 line and the rest of the system. 6-26 23K
6-27 A view of the Coney Island Yard 6-27 18K
6-28 New Flyer C40LF #814 prepares to leave the Triangle to start its run to Brownsville (B35-McDonald) 6-28 25K