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27 April 2000

Thumbnail Description Call # File Size
5-B-03 R36 #9765 on the express track at 33rd (Rawson) Street 5-B-03 13K
5-B-04 Looking Northeast over Sunnyside Yard 5-B-04 38K
5-B-05 Looking Southwest over the Yard. The track in the foreground is the Flushing-bound track 5-B-05 41K
5-B-06 A Queens Surface bus comes off the Queensboro Bridge 5-B-06 40K
5-B-07 The new metallic signs at the Grand Central station on the 7 line 5-B-07 15K
5-B-08 A shot of the new fixtures being installed at the Grand Central station 5-B-08 18K
5-B-09.jpg A shot of the lower level of the City Hall station, with an R46 down there. 5-B-09 25K
5-B-10.jpg Another. Notice the gate at the bottom of the stairs. There's a gate at the top of the stairs, too. There's a better look at the train of R46 cars in this photo 5-B-10 20K
5-B-11.jpg R46 #5874 leads an F train underground at Avenue C 5-B-11 43K
5-B-12.jpg A few minutes later, a set of R46 cars comes out of the tunnel. Next stop, Ditmas Avenue. 5-B-12 36K
5-D-01 Coming face-to-face with a B35 bus at Dahill Road 5-D-01 31K
5-D-02 RTS bust #4642 (B67) approaches the Church Avenue stop. 5-D-02 30K
5-D-03 Another RTS bus, #4656, leaves the McDonald Avenue stop, going west on the B35 route. 5-D-03 32K
5-D-04 This sign is telling anyone who looks at it that there is a Manhattan-bound train coming in 5-D-04 16K
5-D-05 I took a picture of some "tan lines" on Car #6202. Apparently, they didn't come out! 5-D-05 24K
5-D-07 An A train of R38 cars leaves Delancey Streeet.  Yes, that's right.   I said A TRAIN.  A as in 8th Avenue Express.   What's it doing here?  There's a stuck train at Canal Street. 5-D-07 21K
5-D-08 R68 Car #2843 doesn't know whether it's a K train or an L train.   Guess what?  It's neither.  It's running as part of an N train at Queensboro Plaza. 5-D-08 31K