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27 November 1999

Thumbnail Description Call # Size
1-01 This is the signal mentioned above. Signal #2122-C, located on the middle track on the #7 line. This is a signal associated with a TWO-SHOT GRADE TIME SIGNAL. These signals, besides the green, yellow and red lights, also carries an S below it. The unusual part is that the S on this signal appears backwards!!! 1-01 24K
1-01a Close-up of the signal 1-01a 6K
1-02 The transfer connection between the Franklin Avenue Shuttle and the Brooklyn IRT. 1-02 14K
1-03 A view of the Park Place Franklin Avenue Shuttle station platform, facing south. 1-03 29K
1-04 Another view of the platform, facing north. 1-04 27K
1-05 A view of the track south of the Park Place station. 1-05 29K
1-08 A view of the stained glass windows at the Franklin Avenue station 1-08 23K
1-09 A view of the platform. 1-09 18K
1-10 The station tile of the Botanic Garden Station 1-10 11K
1-11 R40 Car #4197 leaves the Sheepshead Bay station. 1-11 30K
1-13 Remember the movie Money Train? This is the money train... or I should say the car used in that movie. This is Car #51050 at the Coney Island Yard 1-13 27K
1-14 Another view of the same car, with R30's 8289 and 8290 behind it. 1-14 24K
1-15 This is another picture of the Coney Island Yard. This picture was taken on the same F train that I was on where I took the money train picture above. 1-15 20K
1-16 This is rider car number RD334, formerly R15 car #5984 at Coney Island Yard 1-16 29K
1-17 Three R36WF cars (L-R 9349, 9620, and 9621) at Coney Island. 1-17 20K
1-19 RD323 (ex R14 #5877) on the N line. 1-19 18K
1-21 A view of the green EXP sign on R33WF #9340. 1-21 19K
1-22 A view of the LCD sign on R36WF #9574 1-22 15K
1-22a Close-up of the sign on this car 1-22a 14K
1-23 Orion V CNG bus #498 at 48th Street & Queens Boulevard (Q104). 1-23 28K
1-24 Triboro Coach Corp TMC RTS-06 bus #2809 at Queens Plaza South, with the new "Lightning" color scheme 1-24 31K
1-25 A view south of the platform at the Botanic Gardens station on the Franklin Av Shuttle. 1-25 10K
1-26 A view of the tunnel at this station's north end 1-26 12K