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With the retirement of the Redbirds, I've decided to make a hall of fame to remember several different, and well-known members of the Redbird fleet.

Number Famous for Pictures
7770-7771 Canarsie School Cars From
NYCSR 3676
7773 R22-style end door From TransferPoint
8660 R62-style interior From TransferPoint
8715 One hinged window installed (the remaining windows were of the old design). From
NYCSR 3800
8885 Rail Adhesion Car No
9294-9295 First IRT cars retrofitted with air conditioning No
9306 First R33WF car From
NYCSR 26484
9324 has one of its original ceiling fans No
9327 Subway Series 2000 R33WF car From
NYCSR 4054NYCSR 4053
9328 Unusual ceiling fans No
9336 Interior similar to that of other mainline cars No
9340 Green "EXP" sign From TransferPoint
9346 First R36WF car From TransferPoint
9356-9357 Subway Series 2000 cars From
NYCSR 4085NYCSR 4087
9360-9361 Subway Series 2000 cars From
NYCSR 4088
9394-9395 Subway Series 2000 cars From
NYCSR 4108
9406 Lower side number plate From TransferPoint
9412-9413 Subway Series 2000 cars From
NYCSR 4138NYCSR 4139
9440 State of Rhode Island From
NYCSR 4156NYCSR 4154NYCSR 4157
9448 Unusual side "picture window": four panes instead of five. From TransferPoint
9574 LCD LOCAL/EXP Signs, Interior similar to that of other mainline cars From TransferPoint
9576-9577 Blue borders on windows From TransferPoint
9581 Irregular character spacing on number plate From TransferPoint
9658 Neighborhood Youth Corps No
9677 Green "EXP" sign From TransferPoint
9712-9713 Subway Series 2000 cars From TransferPoint
9718 Old #7 Line strip map used to be exposed, LCD LOCAL/EXP Signs From TransferPoint
NYCSR 4354
9744 State of Missouri From
NYCSR 4385NYCSR 4386NYCSR 12957
9748 Commonwealth of Massachusetts No
9762 State of Vermont From
NYCSR 4409NYCSR 19899NYCSR 4411
9766 State of Kansas From
NYCSR 4416NYCSR 4418NYCSR 4417
9769 Last R36WF car From
NYCSR 4423NYCSR 4422
9564-9565-9309-9582-9583-9584-9585-9617-9616-9587-9586 Last train of Redbirds to run inpassenger service. Here's a start.
A Note on Pictures from
The thumbnail pictures you see on this page which are from reside on the server, and directly link to photos on said server. They do not reside on TransferPoint's servers, nor are they used elsewhere on this site, nor will they appear in any photo search of the TransferPoint web site.

A Note on Colors & Stripes:
The stripes that appear on the number plate graphics on this page represent the stripes the actual cars had the last time I saw them. If "World's Fair" (WF) colors (blue & white) appear with the number plate, the car had the feature described only when it was in WF colors. Stripes (if any) reflect the stripes the car most recently had. Text inside the stripe indicates that the car was named. The name also appears in the "Famous for" column.

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