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Mission Stories

Something Kinda Fishy Here...

Murrieta, June 3, 2003 Our district in this part of Murrieta has 4 elders: myself; my companion, Elder P; Elder N, and Elder G. Today, Elder G had to go to Lake Elsinore to see a dentist. After his visit with the dentist, Elder P wanted to see the lake, because he had never seen it before. So, we all got into the car and went to the lake, which was just a couple of blocks away from the dentist. Everyone but myself in this district was from Utah, and they were interested in things like fishing and hunting. We all walked along the beach to look at the lake. Looking out, we saw a couple of boats in the water, close to shore, with fishing nets. It looked like they were catching fish. We walked closer to where all the action was happening to get a better look. Upon closer examination, we discovered they were catching carp, and throwing back into the water other fish, like catfish. We later learned that because there were so many carp in the lake, that every year, tons of fish would die due to lack of oxygen. They were catching carp to try to reduce the number of fish that would die off later. Then, it was time to get the carp out of the nets, and out of the water. A huge fish-sucking machine began to suck the fish and the water, sorted the fish from the water, and dumped the fish into the bucket of a front-loader (the water was carried back to the lake). We were gazing at all the fish in this front-loader and, suddenly, someone comes and takes a picture of the fish. The front-loader then took the fish and put them into a trailer. We left and headed away from the lake.

June 4 Our homeshares, out to work, left their newspaper in the driveway. Elder P was talking on the phone to someone about the experience at the lake yesterday, which sparked a thought in my mind: I wonder if there was anything in the newspaper on it. I went out, got the newspaper and looked at its various sections. When I saw the front page of the "Local" section, I thought to myself, "Oh, crap!" Our picture was on the front page of the local section of the newspaper! Some of the members of the church who receive the Press-Enterprise (the newspaper in which our picture appeared) commented on it. It was kinda funny!

The Power of a Name Tag

Jurupa, January 21, 2003 We didn't have a dinner appointment tonight, so I ordered a pizza from [a nation-wide pizza chain]...I noticed the [delivery] truck come around the circle and I went downstairs with the money. The delivery girl handed me the pizza, and I gave her $20.11. I gave her a $3 tip and said, "Take care, Lindsay" (That was the name on her name tag). I think I caught her by surprise when I said that. She was like, "How did you know my name?!", etc.
Name tags. They're noticed by many, utilized by too few...

Take a Number...or Eight

Redlands, November 21, 2002 A funny thing at the Post Office [which was, incidentally, on New York Street]. I go to take a number. [Knowing that sometimes the number doesn't come out when you pull on it,] I pull kinda hard on the number tab. Not only does number 33 come out, but also 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, and 39. I say, "Whoa. That's a lot of numbers." A man waiting at the counter then said, "You must be very important, then." :-)