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Mission FAQ

This is a page of frequently asked questions (besides "Where are you from?" and "How long have you been out [on your mission]?" which people in California have asked me during my mission, and my answers. They are arranged by topic.

About myself

Marrero... What kind of name is that? Italian? Spanish?
It's Spanish.

What's your nationality?
Puerto Rican.

Where's your [New York] accent?
I don't know. Some people say I have one, others say I don't.

Do you speak Spanish/Puerto Rican?
I speak a little bit of Spanish, which is the language of Puerto Rico.
(It's surprising to me that some people think the language of Puerto Rico is not called Spanish.)

Have you been to Puerto Rico?
I have. Many, many years ago.

Dou you have any brothers? Sisters? Siblings?

Where are you in your family?
Oldest and youngest, oldest (or youngest) of one.

What did you do at home [before your mission]?
Well, I rode the subway a lot. I combined three hobbies of mine—the subway, photography, and computers—to make a web site.

You have a web site?
Yes, you're looking at it right now.

What's on it?
Transit photography, and other subway-related stuff.

What's it called, [some subway-themed name].com?
No, and I consider it rude to assume a web site's URL based solely on a vague and/or brief description of its content.

September 11, 2001

Where were you on that day?
in my home in Woodside, NY, about 5˝ miles ENE from where it happened.

How did you find out about it?
I was listening to a local morning show, Elvis Duran & the Z Morning Zoo, and Elvis Duran was basically an eyewitness. Their studio is located in Jersey City, NJ, across the Hudon River from Lower Manhattan, and the studio's window was facing the scene.

Could you see it from your house?
No, but i could see the big cloud of smoke, the only cloud in the sky.

Could you hear it?
(I was kinda surprised by this one.)

Did you get any of the smoke [after the planes hit and the towers fell]?
No, at least not that day. The wind was blowing everything over Brooklyn.

Did you visit "Ground Zero"?
No. I got enough of it from TV. (Update: If people were to ask me this question today, I would say, "Yes, but not until after the mission.")