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My Idea for the Next Generation Subway Car Strip Map (A Division) (190K)
This is my idea of strip maps on the A Division maps.  I came up with this around the time of the Lenox Rehab, which forced 2 trains to run via the Lexington Avenue Line during certain times of the day.  This map covers all lines in the A Division, showing all transfers between A and B Division lines, and could be set for any variety of diversion, unlike the strip maps on the R130 (R110A) and R142 cars, where the maps only show the normal route for one line.  The black circles are "holes" where LEDs are located.  An orange LED indicates the next stop, while green LEDs indicate the stops this train will make.  Also, information above the map indicate the line and destination of the train.

ASCII Graphics of New York Subway Cars
I think the link title is self-explanitory.

New York City Subway Map
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.