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Transit Ideas

This page is dedicated to transit ideas I have.  Without further ado, let's begin.

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Routes I Wish Were Built. 

This line parallels the E line to a point.  What point? Woodhaven Boulevard.   This proposal involves converting the Woodhaven Boulevard station into a 2-level, 6-track station.  K trains will arrive at the lower level.  Once leaving Woodhaven Blvd, K trains will eventually ride on the old Long Island Railroad right of way, making stops at Metropolitan Avenue-Parkside, Jamaica Avenue-Brooklyn Manor (Transfer here to the J and Z), and Liberty Avenue-Ozone Park (Transfer here to the A).  The tracks will then proceed down the existing tracks F3 and F4, to a point north of the Howard Beach station, where the tracks will curve east to serve the terminals at JFK Airport

Woodhaven Boulevard Reconfigurtion Map (Not to scale)

K Line Stops
World Trade Center 23ACE
Canal Street ACE
Spring Street E
West 4 Street ABCDEFQ
14 Street L
23 Street
34 Street
42 Street 12379ACENRS
50 Street
7 Avenue BDE
5 Avenue EF
Lexington Avenue 6EF
23 Street-Ely Avenue EFG
Queens Plaza EFGR
Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights 7EFGR
Woodhaven Boulevard EFGR
Metropolitan Avenue-Parkside
Jamaica Avenue-Brooklyn Manor JZ
Liberty Avenue-Ozone Park A
Howard Beach A
JFK Airport Terminals

These three lines should all go to La Guardia Airport.  The R line will get there with the resurrection of the World's Fair Line, torn up after the 1939 World's Fair, despite the fact that another World's Fair would come in 25 years, Shea Stadium would open, and what is now La Guardia Airport which is nearby, would become a major airport.  This line will run above the Van Wyck Expressway, 126th Street, Northern Boulevard, and the Grand Central Parkway to the ariport.  Here are this line's stops

R Line Stops (From 71-Continental Avenue)
71-Continental Avenue (E F G)
Jewel Avenue
Horace Harding Boulevard
Roosevelt Avenue-Shea Stadium (7)
La Guardia Airport (N W)

The N and W will get there via an extension on to Ditmars Boulevard to the airport.   The W will run express all the way up to the airport, thanks to a conversion of the 31st Street elevated from 3 tracks to 4. 

A dual-level elevated will run along Ditmars Boulevard, then along the median of the Grand Centeral Parkway (The upper level tracks will need to be at or below grade between 82nd and 85th Streets, to make sure that trains don't arrive with skid marks on the roof, which came from an airplane on landing approach to Runway 04!  This would be done by rearranging the traffic pattern of the GCP in the area.)

N/W Line Stops (From Ditmars Blvd)
Ditmars Blvd [N/W]
Steinway Street [N]
Hazen Street [N]
La Guardia Airport [N/W] (R)

The La Guardia Airport station has a 6-track, 5 platform configuration.  The 4 inner tracks of the 6 are terminal tracks.  The other two are through tracks, which can allow reroutes along either line if the need arises. 

New Routes on Existing Lines

13 - 7 Av Express
New Lots Avenue to 137 St/Broadway.  Express in Manhattan south of 96 St, local in Brooklyn.

8 - Lexington Av Local
Woodlawn to New Lots Avenue.  Replaces 4 during late night hours.

12 - Lexington Av Express
241 Street to Flatbush Avenue.  Local in Bronx, Express in Manhattan & Brooklyn to Atlantic Avenue

10 - Lexington Av Express
238 Street to Flatbush Avenue.  Disambiguates Dyre Avenue 5 trains from 238 Street trains.

11 - Flushing Local
Times Square to 111 Street or Willets Point Boulevard, depending on time of day, day of week, and season.

November to March 111 St 111 St 111 St 111 St
April to October 111 St 111 St Willets Point Blvd Willets Point Blvd

W - Broadway Express
Brighton Beach to 21 St-Queensbridge.  Express in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
While the W waits to go to La Guardia, it can go to 21 Street-Queensbridge.


Train Information signs
I got the idea from the Washington Metro where train information is displayed on pylons on almost all the station platforms. I added the "Direction of Train" arrow. This sign fixes an erroneus sign at the Myrtle Avenue/Broadway station in Brooklyn.
Whole sign
Route info detail