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Descriptions of the rebuilt stations

Franklin Avenue

We board a Euclid Avenue-bound C train and take it to Franklin Avenue.  An elevator takes us up to the Street level area, which has the fare control. The tiles here are similar to those at the Botanic Garden station (listed below.)   The next stop on this elevator is where one could find the bridge to the Manhattan-bound C platform.  After that is the last stop on this elevator: the Franklin Avenue Shuttle platform. When leaving the elevator, one notices the stained glass windows.  The area has one track and one platform which is located to the geographic west side of the track. (All pictures by Roberto M. Marrero 17 November 1999, unless otherwise noted.) After Franklin Avenue, we pass the area where Dean Street was before the rehabilitation of the line.

Park Place

After the place where it would be appropriate to put a sign saying "Dean Street Station was here," comes the Park Place station. It has a platform/track configuration similar to the Franklin Avenue station, but the fare control is at platform level, with a bridge seperating the platform and the fare control area.

Botanic Garden

(The two pictures on the right were taken on 24 November 1999 by Roberto M. Marrero.)

South of Park Place, the single track line splits into two tracks. They then enter a tunnel which leads to the Botanic Garden station. This station has two wall platforms and, obviously, two tracks.
There is a transfer here to the Brooklyn IRT (2345) at the north end of the northbound platform.
The people who worked on this station really did a good job cleaning it up. New tiles: lime green with cream yellow and marroon borders on the name tablets, and lime green and cream yellow accents.

At the south end of the southbound platform, there is a route selector box, where operators make a choice as to where the train is going. The two choices are: TRACK O1 and TRACK O2. (Those are letter O's, not zeroes.) The default is O2, which puts trains on the northbound track. O1 takes trains through the tunnel where the Malbone Street wreck occured. The next and last stop is Prospect Park. Transfer is there to the BMT Brighton line (QQ).

Franklin Av Shuttle Station by Station

This link will take you to a description and photos of what the Franklin Avenue Shuttle looked like before the reconstruction, and some more pics of the line now.

Scroll down a little bit to see it.