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Boso View Express

New York City Transit BMT 14th Street-Canarsie L line


No screenshots available.


This is just a template for someone else to complete the route. There are no roofs on the elevated stations, nor any colors in the tiles. There are rules in an HTML file in the archive that you must follow.

No stairs in the stations? What's up with that? This is just a rough-in. Actual depictions of stairs will not be attempted in this version.


comments/questions? E-mail me.

One More Thing...
This route was written for and tested in BVE1. Please do not e-mail me about the route complaining about missing somethihing that is not supported in BVE1. Please see the RW File Page for more info.

Thanx to the following for helping me create this line:

Route Information

Length 16,575m (10.3 miles)
Number of Stations 24
Number of Signals 111
Pitch Range -2.25% to 2.25% (61 changes)
Longest distance between stations 2573m/1.6 miles (Bedford Av to First Av)
Shortest distance between stations 377m/1237 ft (Atlantic Av to Broadway Junction)
Other A version using my base is available.
Click here for a review, and downloads.