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New York City Transit IND Crosstown G line


The Smith-9 Streets station is the first stop on the G line
Bergen Street station, with the 10 stop sign ahead. The "tower" is represented by the tilted wall at the right of the signal.
Hoyt-Schermerhorn, the only station in service with 6 tracks and 4 platforms. Note the no clearance stripes on the wall dividing the two G line tracks.
This shot demonstrates that the signal naming along the line is based on the actual signals. Signal E2 733 is located at the north end of the Fulton Street station. You could actually go there (for real) and see it! Also note that the signals used are the default BVE signals. Nothing fancy or anything. I'm just keeping it simple.
The Classon Avenue station has 2 tracks, 2 platforms, and room for a third track in between the two tracks.
The curve in the Flushing Avenue station.
This shot is at the Nassau Avenue station. Yes, this 7 stop sign exists in the real world! This is one of three that G trains see. The other two are on the southbound local track at Continental Avenue and 65th Street stations.


Although I tried to replicate the tiles in the IND stations as close as I could, I ran into one limitation: there is no way to "step" the tiles (as in the real world). Therefore, in the simulation, all the color bands are perfectly straight.


No stairs in the stations? What's up with that? This is just a rough-in. Actual depictions of stairs will not be attempted in this version.

Does that 7 sign really exist at Nassau Avenue? For the last time, YES!

What about the interlocking signals south of Bergen Street? I was unable to get these "X" numbers because of that fire at the Bergen Street Tower in 1999 They covered up the lower heads and made them manual key-by signals soon after.

Will I be extending this route to 71-Continental? I do have the signal numbers on the line from Court Square to 71-Continental (D2 1575), but I just haven't done it. Then again, I have to get the curve and pitch data for the line, which I've done for the section of the line from 36th to 65th Street. I'll use C&P data from the E line BVE route which is currently under construction for the rest of the Queens Plaza-Continental section of the route.

Other comments/questions? E-mail me.

Thanx to the following for helping me create this line:

Route Information

Length 13,511m (8.4 miles)
Number of Stations 17
Number of Signals 92
Pitch Range +20‰ to -20‰ (28 changes)
Longest distance between stations 1,675m (1.04 miles)
Shortest distance between stations 550m (1804 feet)

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