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Boso View Express

New York City Transit IND 8th Avenue-Queens Blvd E line


This really isn't a station, but it's a station wall B3D file that will be used at the Jamaica Van Wyck station.
The first station screen shot is of the 63rd Drive station. The signs on the columns between the local and express tracks still exist. I tried to replicate the many decades of aging these signs have endured, and the font on the signs is a bit different, too.
Note: There will be a V train on track 1 as you pass.
This is the 5th Avenue station. The black boxes on the left wall is the Gallery. Usually, it displays exhibits from nearby museums (MoMA, Museum of TV & Radio, etc.)
This is a picture of the station. As for the BVE version, the "New Exhibit Coming Soon" signs will be up. The 5 Av/53 St and no clearance signs are on the right side wall.
Information signs indicate when lines open, which lines cross the E line, and station names as you pass.
I got this idea from those Northern Line BVE routes (both Kennington to High Barnet and Edgware to Morden via Bank).
An A train awaits your arrival at 42nd Street. (In reality, this train would stop alongside your train at express stops between here and West 4th Street, but in the simulation, it'll just stay put here.)


Although I tried to replicate the tiles in the IND stations as close as I could, I ran into one limitation: there is no way to "step" the tiles (as in the real world). Therefore, in the simulation, all the color bands are perfectly straight.

No stairs in the stations? What's up with that? This is just a rough-in. Actual depictions of stairs will not be attempted in this version.


comments/questions? E-mail me.

One More Thing...
This route was written for and tested in BVE1. Please do not e-mail me about the route complaining about missing somethihing that is not supported in BVE1. Please see the RW File Page for more info.

Thanx to the following for helping me create this line:

Route Information

Length 25,875m (16.08 miles)
Number of Stations 20 (excluding bypassed stations)
Number of Signals 184
Pitch Range -2.15% to 2.0% (87 changes)
Longest distance between stations 4775m/2.97 miles (Continental to Roosevelt)
Shortest distance between stations 350m/1148 ft (7 Av to 50 St; 42 St to 34 St)
Other This is a special World Trade Center Memorial BVE route to honor those who risked, and lost, their lives during the terrible events of 11 September 2001. This is also in memory of the deceased and the missing from these events.
There is a memorial at the south end of the World Trade Center station (where the south exit would be).

Go to Download Page. My route is the MANHATTAN-BOUND E train.