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Boso View Express

New York City Transit IRT 7th Avenue Express Line


Signs and signals are installed on tracks OTHER than the one you drive on!


comments/questions? E-mail me.

One More Thing...
This route was written for and tested in BVE 2.5. It will not work with earlier versions.

Thanx to the following for helping me create this line:

Route Information

Length 35,225m (21.89 miles)
Number of Stations 52 (including bypassed and "ghost" stations)
Number of Signals 288 (not including signal objects on other tracks)
Pitch Range -3.5% to 3.8% (247 changes)
Longest distance between stations 2025m/1.26 miles (96th Street to 110th Streets)
Shortest distance between stations 125m/410 ft (Wall Street to Fulton Street)
Other The download is available off-site. Follow the link below to download.
R142 Train pack is included in the download!

Statistics above reflect the section between Flatbush Avenue and East 180th Street.

The 2 line extension is still under construction, but you can Download the original section of the line from Flatbush Avenue to Times Square. It is still unknown if and when the full line will be available. However, please don't ask me or anyone else involved in its construction for a release date. It'll be released when it's released!