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Boso View Express

Making BVE Routes (*.b3d file)

The system of coordinates is like that used in mathematics.
the X axis increases to the right the Y axis increases as you go up the Z axis increases as you go forward.


[meshbuilder] section

vertex Vx, Vy, Vz; new vertex

In each [meshbuilder] section, the first vertex gets the index 0, and subsequent vertex command gets a higher number.

face V1, V2, ...Vn; new face

The index of each vertex should be in clockwise order.

face2 V1, V2, ...Vn; new face

Same as above, but this will produce a 2-sided face, instead of a 1-sided face.

color R, G, B, alpha; color of the structure

This sets the brightness of the colors of the structure (Red, Green, Blue). The values 0 through 255 can be used for each of these three. The alpha parameter sets the opacity of the structure (0: transparent, 255: opaque). This parameter can be omitted.
* When the color is omitted, the red, green, and blue values are set to 255. This is best used when applying textures.

[texture] section

load <filename>; Add the texture

<filename> is the file to be used for the texture, and the location is expressed relative to the location of the b3d file.
As for the bitmap to be linked, the width and height must be a power of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32...). The color depth must be 256 colors or more.

Coordinates iVertex, Tx, Ty; Vertex coordinate of texture

iVertex: index of corresponding Vertex command.
Tx, Ty: Coordinates of the bitmap to put at that vertex.
These can be any number. I've tried lots of different numbers (negative numbers, decimals, etc.) and it works.

transparent red, green, blue; set transparent color

This sets the color that will be used where in the B3D, that color is transparent. The values 0 through 255 can be used for each of these three.

As in the *.rw file, you can make remarks with the semicolon (;).