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Boso View Express

What is BVE?

BVE, or Boso View Express, is a Japanese train simulator program. What's great about BVE is that the author, Mackoy, had the forethought of making the language of the railway, object, and train configuration (train and panel) files into text files which can be edited with any text editor (like Notepad). This has allowed many people to create routes for BVE. Among these is Ernie Alston's version of the IRT E line, the first one for a New York City subway line. There are many more to come. I have created some objects that you, the BVE designer, may use on your BVE creations. I also have a few guides concerning the concepts of controlling a BVE train, making BVE objects and railways, and things like that.

If you haven't already, visit Mackoy's BVE site, where you can download the mose recent edition of the BVE program.

The guides were taken from Mackoy's site and translated from the original Japanese to English by AltaVista's translating service.

I Need Help!


Making a BVE Route
Driving a BVE Train


BVE Downloads
Route Database Follow this link for screenshots


The Transfer Point BVE Tablet Project
The TransferPoint/BVE NYC Subway Station Numbering Project

Mackoy's BVE Site
BVE Developer Guidelines - Click for more details<—What's this? Click for more details.